Send files online, for free.

TempSend is the easiest way to share files! Upload images, text, documents, movies, and more, anonymously, for free.

Upload any file up to 2 GB and share the link. It's that easy.

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Onion site: http://4tdb2oju6nrrp77en6opmyfucvycs22y5ohuizfgjvbyjqjovltooyyd.onion
Yggdrasil site:
Ygg+Alfis site: http://tempsend.ygg

Frequently-Asked Questions

Is this service free?
Yes, it's completely free to upload and download as much as you would like.
How do you keep this service running for free?
I refuse to plaster this site with ads. I choose to accept Bitcoin donations: 1tempVmHht82iqsejLskASLSCehDTFZyh
What is the file size limit?
The current file size limit is 2 GB. HTTP uploads become unstable when files reach too large of a size.
Is registration required?
No, anyone can upload or download without registration.
Are the files private/secure?
Yes, files uploaded are not listed publicly anywhere. AES-256 encryption is used to store files at rest, and strong TLS is used to protect files in transit. TempSend is proud of its A+ HTTPS configuration.
Is JavaScript required for uploading or downloading?
No, JavaScript is not required. Upload files using Incognito, Private Mode, Tor browser, or even terminal-based programs from the command line!
Does this site work with Tor?
Yes, TempSend provides an Onion address for anonymously uploading and downloading files while maintaining total privacy. Tor Onion address: http://4tdb2oju6nrrp77en6opmyfucvycs22y5ohuizfgjvbyjqjovltooyyd.onion
What is Ygg/Yggdrasil and Alfis?
Yggdrasil is a neat IPv6 overlay + mesh routing network. Aflis is a blockchain-based name resolution project. Both projects are neat projects I wanted to experiment with.
Are copyrighted or illegal files allowed?
Absolutely not! Any copyrighted or illegal content will be immediately removed.
Who do I contact for DMCA/reports/issues?
Please send any inquires to
What file types are accepted?
Upload any extensions, including: zip, tar, rar, deb, rpm, pkg, apk, msi, bat, sh, jpg, png, psd, mbp, tiff, gif, mp3, wmv, aac, ogg, mp4, wmv, mov, m4v, m2ts, exe, dmg, iso, bin, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, odt, rtf, csv, sql, json, xml, php, rb, py, c, h, cpp, cs, java, otf, ttf, woff, and more.